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Datum Type 1100 Type 1700 Type 2500 Type 2700 Type 3500 Type 4250 ConTex Type 2500 Type 2700 Type 3500 Type 4250 Type 5700 Type 6500 Type 1100 Type 1700
06.08.2020 5.502 6.366 7.832 8.219 8.897 10.629 349 8.540 8.922 9.573 11.465 13.682 16.163 5.682 6.571
04.08.2020 5.490 6.311 7.714 8.041 8.683 10.241 343 8.417 8.784 9.360 11.042 13.335 15.492 5.666 6.505
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(29.7.2020) Please note that as expected, the organisers of Breakbulk Europe have officially announced the cancellation of the event for 2020. The next Breakbulk Europe will be held in Bremen on 18th to 20th May 2021. Further information can be found on the Breakbulk website at: www.europe.breakbulk.com/Articles/breakbulk-europe-2020-cancelled

(2.7.2020) We are glad to inform you that due to the successful efforts of the German Shipbrokers` Association and the “Initiative Kiel-Canal” the government agreed to suspend the Kiel-Canal dues until 31.12.2020. Since the regulation will only become effective upon publication in the official Federal Gazette, we expect this to happen in the course of next week.

This will result in a reduction of Kiel-Canal transit expenses by approximately 20 to25%

We will inform you immediately upon receipt of the effective date.


(3rd June 2020) Despite the recent partial easing of the measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, as at today we still cannot be confident when life and business will fully return to normal.

Having waited as long as we can in the hope that the restrictions would come to an end, and after careful consideration, the board of the Hamburg and Bremen Shipbrokers Association regrets to announce the cancellation of the 2020 EISBEINESSEN Dinner, planned for 6th November.

The potential health risks, including the likelihood of a second wave of infections, combined with the possibility of restricted flights and unclear legal regulations for events involving hundreds of participants from around the world, including social distancing and a ban on alcohol, make planning and holding such an event almost impossible. As you will appreciate, cancelling the event has been a very difficult decision for us to take as we were very much looking welcoming you all again this year, but we trust you will appreciate the reasons behind our decision.

Although very disappointed to be cancelling this year’s event, we are looking forward to welcoming you back to EISBEINESSEN 73, which will be held in the newly refurbished CCH conference centre on 5th November 2021. We very much hope that you will be able to participate and hope to see you there!



(24.07.2020) The recovery of the New ConTex accelerated this week with a gain of 6 points, after improving 5, 4 and 3 points in the weeks before. The increase was mainly driven by the larger ships of 3500 TEU and larger which registered solid gains. Although all segments were positive the smallest vessels just barely registered any improvement. Activity in Asia, the Americas, and Northern Europe was good whereas in the Mediterranean the summer holiday season is starting to being felt. Southern Europe and Northern Africa though has generally been difficult this year, especially for ships between 1200 and 2000 TEU. As a consequence, for example 10 x 1700 TEU have so far positioned from Europe to the East of Suez in 2020 already.



(01.06.2020) Crew change is permitted but subject to prior approval by local immigration authority (Bundespolizei/Wasserschutzpolizei). The authorities have to be informed in advance. On/Off signing arrangements at German ports are only possible if the flight data or transit is secured/ guaranteed and the plans are approved by the immigration authority. Permission for Entry/Immigration will only be granted for seafarers, who show no symptoms of COVID-19, e.g. coughing. If there are any medical symptoms, necessary testings have to be done before crossing the border. Entering to test seafarers in Germany is not allowed. “Visas on Arrival” can be granted, e.g. at the Airport. Immigration authorities have to be informed in advance. But to avoid any problems it is recommended to submit the applications to the embassies in good time. Shore leaves are only permitted for German citizens. Overnight stays are generally not permitted in general. Exemptions are possible, e.g. a vessel is delayed, but subject to approval. According to the immigration authorities (Bundespolizei), overnight stays in combination with medical testings are not permitted. 

(22.05.2020) Wie berichtet, veröffentlicht der internationale Maklerverband FONASBA eine Übersicht über die verschiedenen nationalen Maßnahmen zur Eindämmung von COVID-19-Infektionen. Anbei finden Sie das Bulletin No. 33, das Änderungen aus Italien und Russland beinhaltet. Zudem hat die EU eine überarbeitete Fassung der Richtlinien zur Anwendung der Zoll-Vorgaben zur Überwindung der COVID-Pandemie vorgelegt. MItglieder können diese Unterlagen bei der Geschäftsstelle abfordern.