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05.08.2021 36.821 52.279 59.909 66.941 70.050 79.445 2671 41.186 44.159 49.295 59.455 91.383 100.361 32.950 40.738
03.08.2021 35.625 50.571 58.409 65.332 68.400 77.555 2599 40.241 43.455 48.600 58.830 89.222 97.961 31.925 39.767
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(3.8.2021) Free vaccination is possible in Germany also for foreign seafarer. As long as Public Health Germany is allowed to share vaccines (at least until September) these schemes are valid. Hamburg, Kiel, Rostock, Bremen and Bremerhaven all use Johnson and Johnson.

In Hamburg: please contact info[at]schiffsmakler.de for vaccination of merchant mariners, the association of ship brokers are coordinating this. Port Health have direct contact with cruise liners.

For Rostock, please contact your local agents or owners´represative, they have to organize the transfer to the vaccination center.

In Kiel: Every person (nationality, flag etc.) from the merchant marine can visit the Kiel port Vaccination Center, Schwedenkai 1. The center is situated in the harbour. It is open to the public from Monday -Friday ,9 to 6, every day. Cruise Lines companies are contacted by the port authority for special arrangements (local government provides vaccines).

Also in the Port of Bremerhaven, a contingent of the Johnson vaccine and Johnson was also released to vaccinate seafarers. Initially, only ships with a berth in Bremerhaven can be vaccinated. It should be able to be vaccinated from Monday to Friday in the period from 10:00 to 18:00. It is highly recommended that the ship remains in Bremerhaven for at least 24 hours, as side effects can be expected within the first 24 hours. The vaccination is free of charge, an international vaccination certificate is completed. For the registration we need the crew list and the list of crew members willing to be vaccinated. ContacContact port-health-doc[at]lmtvet.bremen.de

Important notes:

- A vaccination can be requested, but cannot be claimed.

- Vaccination shall be on voluntary basis and give to the seafarer based on free will.

- It is recommended to only vaccinate half of the crew at a time, in view of possible side effects.

(9. Juni 2021) „Was macht eigentlich eine Schiffsmaklerin?“ Diese insbesondere für junge Leute auf der Suche nach einer Ausbildung interessante Frage beantwortet Martina Finnberg (UNIATLANTICO) eloquent und gespickt mit humorvollen Erlebnissen in Brittas Hafen Podcast. Einen Link zum Podcast finden Sie hier oder unter folgendem Link:





Wir wünschen viel Spaß beim Reinhören. Der Link darf auch gern fleißig geteilt werden.

(27.11.2020) We are pleased and delighted  to inform you that the Kiel Canal dues will remain suspended beyond 2020 until 31.12.2021.

This further suspension has been mainly achieved by the relentless work and support of the Initiative Kiel-Canal e.V. and the German Shipbrokers’ Association. The suspension of traffic dues is a very important step in restoring the competitiveness of the Kiel Canal.

The Kiel Canal is Corona free!  Hygiene and distance rules are taken very seriously at the Kiel Canal. The result is convincing: Without a single COVID-19 case within the pilots, helmsmen and agents at the Kiel Canal, the Kiel Canal is the safest and most cost efficient shortcut into the Baltic Sea and vice versa.


(4. Juni2021) #keepshippingweird

(21.5.2021) 1.402 points..... and hardly any ships to find!


1.350 points.....!