(15.3.2019) Although barely visible in the numbers, the market situation is slowly improving for the 2700 TEU and smaller ships as increased chartering demand has absorbed a number of spot ships. However since the available vessel pool was quiet large to begin with, owners have so far been unable to push for substantial rate increases. At the moment a charter rate difference also exists for all ship sizes between the Atlantic and Pacific market, whereas ship trading in Europe or the Americas can command higher earnings on the back of a much more balanced tonnage supply. What the numbers show is that the negative trend for the two largest segments has not stopped yet with both loosing on a weekly and monthly basis.


(11.3.2019) Im Januar 2019 wurden von Deutschland Waren im Wert von 108,9 Milliarden Euro exportiert und Waren im Wert von 94,4 Milliarden Euro importiert. Wie das Statistische Bundesamt (Destatis) anhand vorläufiger Ergebnisse weiter mitteilt, waren damit die deutschen Exporte im Januar 2019 um 1,7 % und die Importe um 5,0 % höher als im Januar 2018. Kalender- und saisonbereinigt blieben die Exporte gegenüber dem Vormonat Dezember 2018 nahezu unverändert; die Importe stiegen um 1,5 %.

(8.3.2019) This week New ConTex again show an upward movement rising by 1 point, this is again a sign of the market stabilization still limited to vessel below 2700 teus. Fixtures concluded are still increasing due to a stronger demand, one can still notice that rates in Asia are still suffering due to a high number of spot vessels.

All in all this market stabilization as reflected by this week New ConTex of 387 compared to last week 386 has not yet a real impact and the rise is still marginal.

(16.02.2019) Im Rahmen einer kleinen Feierstunde im Haus Schütting verabschiedete der Verband gemeinsam mit dem Bremer Rhederverein e.V. und der Schiffsmaklervereinigung für Küsten- und Seeschiffsbefrachter e.V. am 14. Februar 2019 die jungen Bremer Schifffahrtskaufleute.

In Anerkennung ihrer besonderen Leistung wurden die Prüfungsbesten erneut mit Geldpreisen ausgezeichnet. Den 1. Platz belegte Herr Max Rudolph (SLOMAN NEPTUN Schiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft), der 94 % (!!) erreichte. Der 2. Platz wurde drei Mal vergeben und zwar an die Herren Keanu Ehlers (BREB GmbH & Co.KG), Kim Udo Kerrutt (COSCO SHIPPING Lines (Germany) GmbH) und Herr Tobias Albrecht (MSC Germany S.A. & Co. KG), die alle 81% in den Prüfungen erreichten.

Wir gratulieren allen Absolventen sowie den Ausbildern für diese gute Leistung und wünschen für den weiteren Berufs- und Lebensweg alles Gute.

(29.1.2019) Die erfolgreichen Prüflinge in Hamburg wurden bereits heute feierlich verabschiedet. Insgesamt traten 106 Prüflinge (53 Linie + 53 Tramp) an, von denen bis auf vier alle bestanden. Damit lag die Bestehensquote bei rekordverdächtigen 96%.

Die Prüfungsbesten waren im Bereich LINIE Herr Lukas Koch (Hapag Lloyd AG) und im Bereich TRAMP Herr Markus Gutermuth (Marlow Shipmanagement). Auch in diesem Jahr wurden die beiden Prüfungsbesten in Anerkennung ihrer Leistung mit einer Goldmünze ausgezeichnet, die der stellvertretende VHBS-Vorsitzende, Jan Bartels, auch im Namen des Nautischen Vereins zu Hamburg und dem Verein Hamburger Rheder überreichte.

Wir gratulieren allen Absolventen und wünschen Ihnen für den weiteren Lebensweg alles Gute!

(1.11.2018) This week, the New ConTex dropped by 7 points. Although the index is rapidly moving south, the pace of reduction slowed down compared to last week. While Type 2,500 (-2,1%) and Type 3,500 (-2,1%) acquired the strongest decreases, all other vessel types fell more moderately by between 0,7% and 2,0%.

On a year-to-year comparison, all except the 1,100 TEU class remain above last years levels. Hopefully this will not continue to melt away throughout the next weeks. Increasing demolition activity in the container segment (during October 19 vessels with a capacity of over 36,000 TEU left the market) could be observed supporting the market to be working towards a balance.

(19.10.2018) The container market scenario remains unchanged - supply side is rising while demand remain limited. Various segments can see oversupply even from liner companies with sublet positions. The Week-on-Week lost another 9 points and is now down to 467 points.

Looking at the segments most negative outlook has been shown for the segment of 4250 teu with (– 227 USD / 12 mos valuation) compared to last week followed by 1700 teu (-131 USD, basis 6 months valuation), 1100 teu (-101 USD, 6 moths valuation as well). Maybe with the present positive scrapping activity (firm prices, various proposals) on a long run container chartering market get some positive feedback again but time being the spot market remain under pressure and therefore rates as well.

(27.9.2018) The present trend carries on this week as almost all sizes are showing decreasing charter rates, although it was touch more active this week in numbers of transactions concluded. Baby-panamax sizes are now showing the biggest drop. Based on 12 months period the 4250 TEU segment decreased by 1,3% closing at USD 12.124. Owners of 2700 TEU vessels remained optimistic this week as this size have gained USD 30 per day since last Friday, to reach USD 11381 per day for 12 months employments. The feeder segments around 1700 and 1100 TEU remain under pressure as the demand remains limited. The 1700 TEU segment lost another USD 73 per day and is closing this week at USD 9930. Same situation to report for the 1100 TEU segment which stays at USD 7137 per day which lost USD 59 compared to last week

(07.09.2018) In general the Charter Market continues to be quite active with tonnage available getting more balanced. The business however being of a short term nature, with carriers unwilling to commit for longer periods.

Following this the New ConTex lost further ground by marginally four points down to 488 now.

The rates in the segment 2500-4250 teu basis 12 month however have not moved from last week. There has even been a slight increase in rates in the 4250 segment even if it is just 0,3 per cent. Also basis 24 month the losses were just in the region of 0,2 to 0,5 per cent. 

There was a slightly higher pressure on the rates in the 1100 teu 1700 teu sizes with losses  of 1,2 respectively 0,9 per cent.It remains to be seen if there will be a stronger demand for these sizes during the coming weeks.

(10.08.2018) The New ConTex dropped a further 6 points this week – continuing its slump during the summer months. It is now 5.3% down month-on-month, although still a healthy 32.7% better off year-on-year.

1100s have suffered the biggest losses, falling 9.3% in the last month. This has been reflective in the market, with Charterers taking advantage of the number of vessels available and the limited demand. Recent fixtures in Europe for this size have dropped below the $7000 mark.

1700s dropped 0.9% during the last week. There have been a few fixtures in this size reported over the last week, but these have shown a similar decline. There is a slight build in some region and it would not be a surprise to see rates fall further as Owners seek employment. 2500, 2700 & 3500 sizes also decreased between 1.3% and 1.8% respectively.

4250s decreased 1.4% in the last week, however there seems to be a good level of demand and activity in this segment and rates could remain steady or potentially firm up over the next few weeks if the demand continues, with the caveat that the excess capacity in post-panamax sizes may put downward cascade pressure on 4520s.