(15.10.2021) Higher and higher.... #keepshippingweird

(8.10.2021) 3.230 points.... Say: Hell Yeah!!! #keepshippingweird


(17.09.2021) 3.149 points - #keepshipping weird!

(27.8.2021) Freight rates also still remain at record levels and the liner companies continue to produce so far unseen profit figures. It is therefore still a very enjoyable ride for Charterers and Owners, but the ever increasing order book is surely raising some concerns.

(4. Juni2021) #keepshippingweird

(21.5.2021) 1.402 points..... and hardly any ships to find!


1.350 points.....!

(16.04.2021) 1.178 points!!!! The positive development remains unbroken......



(9.4.2021) The market is still booming: with a continued rise in charter rates supported by a string demand and a very limited number of vessels available on a prompt basis.

We are now reaching the 200 pct increase on year on year basis and every New ConTex  is setting new record valuations.



(05.03.2021) Keep it weird...... 888 points!