Further 6,6% - Keep shipping weird!

(5.11.2020) In spite of recent developments in most of Europe where the much-anticipated second wave of Coronavirus has caused another temporary shut-down - fortunately this time not affecting manufacturing or construction - in many countries, together with the current political uncertainties in the United States, the Container Market continues to rise.

New ConTex + 6,7% in just one week! Awesome!

(01.10.2020) The container charter market continued to rise further backed by limited tonnage supply, very high freight rates and thus still healthy demand by the Liners.

Owners are pushing for longer periods whenever possible and Charterers are so far resisting the commitment by paying up for shorter periods which is driving the market further.
This is also illustrated by the shrinking spreads between the New ConTex rates for the quoted periods of e.g. 12 or 24 months.

In fact the 4250 TEU cluster is now the only one rated higher for 12 months than the 24 months. Especially larger ships remain predominantly in demand which is what the New ConTex is also showing. The larger the ship, the higher the valuation increase.

(25.9.2020) Whilst the weekly figures are still in positive territory, with only the 5700 TEU segment taking a small breather with a very slight negative movement of -0,1%, the general tendency of last week, whereby the month-on-month numbers showing a stronger growth than the weekly figures, is being replicated. The New ConTex has moved up by 1,6% this week, which is basically in line with the Year-on-Year trend. Strongest performer this week was the 1700 TEU segment.  Given the lack of available tonnage in most areas as well as due to further strong cargo volumes, the general positive trend can expected to continue for the time being. Demand should be further supported by a few new services being opened and new trade link opening as a result of the agreements between Israel and the UAE.


(21.08.2020) The Container Market trajectory remains clearly upwards and, unlike the slowing in pace experienced last week, the market's recovery has actually gathered pace this week, with the New ConTex Index gaining an impressive 24 points rise on last week. The Index is now standing at 392; still low historically and still behind where it was this time last year, but a significant inprovement nonetheless.

The shortage of post-panamax tonnage means any large size available can easily achieve a higher rate than last done and, with demand cascading down the sizes, this means growing demand for classical 4250 TEU panamaxes and increasingly the intermediate 3500 TEUs and 2700 TEUs.So it was not surprising to see the 4250 TEUs score the greatest gains with this size being marked up 12.9% (basis 12 months) on last week, ahead of the 9.1% and 9.5% gains being achieved by the 5700 TEUs and 6500 TEUs respectively.

Of particular note this week is the gain being made by the 2700 TEUs and 3500 TEUs, being marked up 6.9% and 8.9% respectively on last week (both basis 12 months). Although rates for all sizes are recovering the smaller feeder sizs are struggling to recover in comparison although, relative to their ealier losses, they have less ground to make up.

(14.8.2020) The Container market is recovering at a significantly faster rate than it declined when the COVID-19 crisis sparked a Global recession. Actually the Container Industry would appear to be experiencing a V-shaped recovery. The New ConTex Index gained a remarkable 19 points on its close last week and now stands at 368. This is, of course, still a low figure when set in a historical context but this is where we are. The list of open tonnage has shrunk noticeably in the last few weeks which points to a similar trajectory in the short term. However as the dreaded virus has not gone away nor a reliable vaccine yet discovered, the container industry, as with most others, has to remain cautious given the fragile health of the Global economy.

Taking a look at the New ConTex in more detail, the classical panamaxes (4250 TEUs) have scored the strongest gains with a hefty 12.4% gain basis 12 months on the previous week. The 5700 TEUs also fared particularly well (11.5% on last week) whilst the 6500 TEUs might have fared equally well but, as there are not many left to fix, evidence has been lacking. To summarise the fortunes of the smallers sizes, generally the smaller the ship the smaller the percentage gain. But it should be made clear that no size is struggling and all sectors are presently recovering lost ground.

(24.07.2020) The recovery of the New ConTex accelerated this week with a gain of 6 points, after improving 5, 4 and 3 points in the weeks before. The increase was mainly driven by the larger ships of 3500 TEU and larger which registered solid gains. Although all segments were positive the smallest vessels just barely registered any improvement. Activity in Asia, the Americas, and Northern Europe was good whereas in the Mediterranean the summer holiday season is starting to being felt. Southern Europe and Northern Africa though has generally been difficult this year, especially for ships between 1200 and 2000 TEU. As a consequence, for example 10 x 1700 TEU have so far positioned from Europe to the East of Suez in 2020 already.



(01.06.2020) Crew change is permitted but subject to prior approval by local immigration authority (Bundespolizei/Wasserschutzpolizei). The authorities have to be informed in advance. On/Off signing arrangements at German ports are only possible if the flight data or transit is secured/ guaranteed and the plans are approved by the immigration authority. Permission for Entry/Immigration will only be granted for seafarers, who show no symptoms of COVID-19, e.g. coughing. If there are any medical symptoms, necessary testings have to be done before crossing the border. Entering to test seafarers in Germany is not allowed. “Visas on Arrival” can be granted, e.g. at the Airport. Immigration authorities have to be informed in advance. But to avoid any problems it is recommended to submit the applications to the embassies in good time. Shore leaves are only permitted for German citizens. Overnight stays are generally not permitted in general. Exemptions are possible, e.g. a vessel is delayed, but subject to approval. According to the immigration authorities (Bundespolizei), overnight stays in combination with medical testings are not permitted. 

(22.05.2020) Wie berichtet, veröffentlicht der internationale Maklerverband FONASBA eine Übersicht über die verschiedenen nationalen Maßnahmen zur Eindämmung von COVID-19-Infektionen. Anbei finden Sie das Bulletin No. 33, das Änderungen aus Italien und Russland beinhaltet. Zudem hat die EU eine überarbeitete Fassung der Richtlinien zur Anwendung der Zoll-Vorgaben zur Überwindung der COVID-Pandemie vorgelegt. MItglieder können diese Unterlagen bei der Geschäftsstelle abfordern.