Crew change permitted

(01.06.2020) Crew change is permitted but subject to prior approval by local immigration authority (Bundespolizei/Wasserschutzpolizei). The authorities have to be informed in advance. On/Off signing arrangements at German ports are only possible if the flight data or transit is secured/ guaranteed and the plans are approved by the immigration authority. Permission for Entry/Immigration will only be granted for seafarers, who show no symptoms of COVID-19, e.g. coughing. If there are any medical symptoms, necessary testings have to be done before crossing the border. Entering to test seafarers in Germany is not allowed. “Visas on Arrival” can be granted, e.g. at the Airport. Immigration authorities have to be informed in advance. But to avoid any problems it is recommended to submit the applications to the embassies in good time. Shore leaves are only permitted for German citizens. Overnight stays are generally not permitted in general. Exemptions are possible, e.g. a vessel is delayed, but subject to approval. According to the immigration authorities (Bundespolizei), overnight stays in combination with medical testings are not permitted.