2.700 TEU up - 4.250 TEU down!

(8.11.2019) In another week of relatively quiet trading the New ConTex Index shed two further points and presently stands at 438. The market does seem to have "run out of steam" at the moment. A number of public holidays in various countries last week has no doubt contributed to this recent lethargy.

The smaller feeders are generally holding steady although some weakness was noted in the 1,100 TEUs with the sector being marked down 0.5% on last week. However the principle losses which caused the modest 2 point reduction were in the larger 3,500 and 4,250 TEUs classes with the 24 months rates being marked down 2.1% and 1.4% respectively. The 12 months components were marked down by lesser amounts, 0.4% lower on the previous week's readings in both cases.
Otherwise most sizes are finishing the week with modest increases.