New ConTex on 411 points (+2)

(26.7.2019) The New ConTex moved up from last week by further 5 points to finally 411 at then end of this week. Over the last month it's already a rise of 12 points.

The improvement is clearly been driven by the larger segments which is reflected by the Panamax size of 4250 TEU within the index. This size improved in the index evalation during the last week by usd 800 daily which is almost 7%. Over the last month it's actually usd 2.500 per day equalling to almost 25%!

All other sizes shown in the index rather move sidewards.

Looking at the Year-on-Year basis we do also see pretty much the same picture, showing the Panamax segment with a minus of less then 10%, but all other sizes are down by more then 20% upto 26,5%.