New ConTex: still waitung for the upswing!

(27.9.2018) The present trend carries on this week as almost all sizes are showing decreasing charter rates, although it was touch more active this week in numbers of transactions concluded. Baby-panamax sizes are now showing the biggest drop. Based on 12 months period the 4250 TEU segment decreased by 1,3% closing at USD 12.124. Owners of 2700 TEU vessels remained optimistic this week as this size have gained USD 30 per day since last Friday, to reach USD 11381 per day for 12 months employments. The feeder segments around 1700 and 1100 TEU remain under pressure as the demand remains limited. The 1700 TEU segment lost another USD 73 per day and is closing this week at USD 9930. Same situation to report for the 1100 TEU segment which stays at USD 7137 per day which lost USD 59 compared to last week