New ConTex still weak!

(07.09.2018) In general the Charter Market continues to be quite active with tonnage available getting more balanced. The business however being of a short term nature, with carriers unwilling to commit for longer periods.

Following this the New ConTex lost further ground by marginally four points down to 488 now.

The rates in the segment 2500-4250 teu basis 12 month however have not moved from last week. There has even been a slight increase in rates in the 4250 segment even if it is just 0,3 per cent. Also basis 24 month the losses were just in the region of 0,2 to 0,5 per cent. 

There was a slightly higher pressure on the rates in the 1100 teu 1700 teu sizes with losses  of 1,2 respectively 0,9 per cent.It remains to be seen if there will be a stronger demand for these sizes during the coming weeks.