Good chances for 4.250 TEU

(10.08.2018) The New ConTex dropped a further 6 points this week – continuing its slump during the summer months. It is now 5.3% down month-on-month, although still a healthy 32.7% better off year-on-year.

1100s have suffered the biggest losses, falling 9.3% in the last month. This has been reflective in the market, with Charterers taking advantage of the number of vessels available and the limited demand. Recent fixtures in Europe for this size have dropped below the $7000 mark.

1700s dropped 0.9% during the last week. There have been a few fixtures in this size reported over the last week, but these have shown a similar decline. There is a slight build in some region and it would not be a surprise to see rates fall further as Owners seek employment. 2500, 2700 & 3500 sizes also decreased between 1.3% and 1.8% respectively.

4250s decreased 1.4% in the last week, however there seems to be a good level of demand and activity in this segment and rates could remain steady or potentially firm up over the next few weeks if the demand continues, with the caveat that the excess capacity in post-panamax sizes may put downward cascade pressure on 4520s.