ELBA started

(02.07.2018) The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) has published ELBA today, a web portal that Port Users enables to submit the obligatory declaration of the use of the port online to the Fee’s office in charge of inland shipping (EBHS).

ELBA can be used by smartphone, tablet or personal computer. You don´t need a separate APP. To get access in the new web portal you first need an account. Therefore you have to register once. After registration you can log in and report immediately the required details in only a few steps.

In addition the HPA has implemented a fully automated billing process in ELBA. This is called “self-service”. With using this feature you can benefit from the extension of the time period of payment to 30 days.

Please note:

Before your first report you have to enter following data once for each ship / invoice recipient


ENI (European Number of identification)

Dimensions (length, wide, draft)

Performance of main engine(s)

Tonnage capacity (cargo ships) or PAX (passenger ships)

Upload Documents (i.e. official inland shipping tonnage certificate, Community inland shipping  certificate)

Billing Details

Entire name of the recipient

Entire Address

Tax ID number

Valid E-Mail address for electronic invoicing

In order to get a correct invoice it is necessary to check the entered parameters. For that purpose we need copies of suitable documents (i.e. official inland shipping tonnage certificate, Community inland shipping  certificate). These documents can be submitted via ELBA (upload) or via sending an E-mail to EBHS.

Please use following link to get further information and access ELBA