New ConTex: limted supply of avaiable tonnage

(15.06.2018) The container charter market has taken a little breather during the last week, we still try to find out if the post Posidonia blues is still taking its toll, but the majority of people should have recovered. Although is was a quieter week in numbers of transactions concluded, the momentum within the majority of segments is still good. In short, it is quieter but firm. With the overall relatively limited supply of available tonnage within the most segments, gains can be registered in all New ConTex segments of the sizes 2500 TEU and larger. Although we monitor a relatively homogenous increase, the biggest winner this week is the 4250 TEU segment increased by 1,0% closing at USD 14.194 followed by the 3500 gaining 0,6% week on week. With the so far still prevailing positive sentiment we do believe to experience a further solid market.