New ConTex + 7,9%

(31.3.2017) The market improved further in almost all segments except for the classes below 1700 TEU.

Looking at numbers the segments which made the biggest step upwards were the 2500 TEU and 2700 TEU sizes as well as the panamaxes. The one segment that is most impressive in terms of rate gains is undoubtedly the panamames that have now gone up more than 100 pct from beginning of the year.

When it comes to the 2500 TEU the increase happened quite rapidly, this week one standard 2500 TEU was fixed at low 9´s in the med for a comparably strong period of 6-9 months and the ConTex reacted accordingly with the value for 6 months that went up from low USD 7´s to low 8´s in just one week with further improvement to likely follow next week.

The feeders below 2000 TEU are still struggling to follow the upswing of bigger segments, especially in the Atlantic.