New ConTex on a positive track

(17.2.2017) The ConTex Index increased again this week – this time by two points bringing it to 305. This week the largest gain was made by the 3500 sector (12 months) which  increased 1.8% week-on week, reflecting the tightening availability of this size in the market. This increase was closely followed by the 2500 sector (12 months) which increased by USD 100, a 1.7% increase week-on-week. There was also further improvement in the 4250 sector on both the 12 and 24 month periods, highlighting Owners resistance to continue fixing at historically low rates. Bar the 1700 (12 months) which dropped 0.1%, all sectors increased by between 0.3 – 1.8%, giving some indication that the market might improve post-Chinese New Year. With the restructuring of the alliances also happening, one expects activity to increase in the coming weeks and months.