New ConTex: + 2

(3.2.2017) With the Chinese New Year in full swing, the ConTex saw another two point increase to 302. As expected  activity has slowed but the market level has remained steady, showing minimal gains across the sizes, with a few exceptions. The 2500 TEU types continue to rise, last week increasing by almost 1.5% on a 12 month basis on the back of tightening availablity, while the 4,250 TEU types have moved a tick lower on the 24 month assessement, despite a slight gain in the previous week, narrowing the spread between the rate level basis 12 and 24 month.

Altough the month on month changes indicate a positive trend, the year on year change put the current market level into perspective. The 4250 types have  had the steepest declines year on year and the prospects for this segment are still challenging.