New ConTex: Happy year of the Rooster!

(27.1.17) In the pre-Chinese New Year week the New ConTex continued its increase. It rose by two points to 300. However, the upcoming Chinese New Year and as a consequence thereof declining chartering activity was reflected in this week´s second evaluation. While the index rose by two points on Tuesday, on Thursday it remained constant.

Reviewing the weekly and monthly changes of the different vessel types on a 12 months basis, it becomes apparent that vessel types 2500 TEU and 2700 TEU achieved the biggest increases.
They are followed by types 1700 TEU and 3500 TEU. Vessel types 1100 TEU and 4250 TEU attained rather marginal gains.

Even though activity will most likely calm down in the next two weeks, the New ConTex´s development indicates a positive market trend, which should continue after Chinese New Year celebrations.

Happy Year of the Rooster to everyone!