New ConTex remains stabile

(6.10.2017) The New ConTex remains stable and during the last week as the index improved one point now to 401. Almost all segments move sidewards as they are just marginally up or down compared to last week.  This shows that the supply and demand is basically balanced at the moment. Even on a month on month basis the changes are less then 2% on almost all segments/sizes except the 1700 Teu geared size for the 12 months evaluation which improved 4,1%, i.e. usd 322 during the past month evaluation.

Obviously this weeks general activity was a bit slower due to national holidays in China, but as aforesaid  there has been no effect visible on the index evaluations during the past week. Now having entered the last quarter of the year it will be very interesting to see what the rest of the year will bring to all of us. A year ago the market during the month just before the Eisbein Dinner on the first Friday in November slightly lost a bit by 7 points (2,3%) on the Index, but at that time the New ConTex was about 90 points less to what we have now.