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date Type 1100 Type 1700 Type 2500 Type 2700 Type 3500 Type 4250 ConTex Type 2500 Type 2700 Type 3500 Type 4250 Type 5700 Type 6500 Type 1100 Type 1700
28.05.2020 5.508 6.437 7.371 7.632 8.117 8.283 324 8.232 8.515 8.923 9.304 12.800 15.045 5.629 6.656
26.05.2020 5.533 6.489 7.486 7.738 8.217 8.514 329 8.330 8.641 9.015 9.492 13.030 15.345 5.658 6.697
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(16.04.2020) Die Bundesregierung hat das An-/Abmustern in deutschen Häfen unter bestimmten Umständen wieder erlaubt. Mitglieder können weitere Einzelheiten bei der Geschäftsstelle erfragen.


BIMCO: Einfluss von COVID-19 auf Charterverträge

Die BIMCO hat gestern ein kurzes Video (12 Minuten) über den Einfluss von COVID-19 auf die Charterverträge veröffentlicht. Die BIMCO beschreibt das Video wie folgt:

“The COVID-19 pandemic is causing uncertainty about port calls and the allocation of liabilities and re-sponsibilities under charter parties. In this short video Grant Hunter talks to BIMCO’s head of Support & Advice, Merete Greisen, about answers they give members to the five most frequently asked questions."

The Top 5 questions BIMCO receives related to contracts and the coronavirus are:

•             Are ports considered unsafe?

•             Is this a 'force majeure' situation?

•             What about laytime - will it run?

•             Will a ship remain on hire?

•             Can the charter party be cancelled?

 Das Lernvideo ist auf folgendem Link zu finden:

(17.3.2020) Für Unternehmerinnen und Unternehmer mit Fragen zu möglichen Förderungen, Hilfsangeboten, Kurzarbeit wurden nun zusätzlich branchenspezifische Hotlines und E-Mailadressen in der Wirtschaftsbehörde eingerichtet. Die Telefone sind montags bis freitags von 9 bis 17 Uhr zu erreichen. 

Hafen, Schifffahrt und Logistik:

040 - 428 41-3512 unternehmenshilfen.logistik(at)

Weiterhin bestehen die bereits bekannten Nummern:040 42841 1497 sowie 040 42841 1648




(20.5.2020) As no index will be published on Thursday owing to the public holiday, we have only one set of figures on which to comment this week. The Container Market continues its steady decline with the New ConTex Index shedding a further 4 points yesterday to stand at 336 (10 points lower than at this point last week). The short term challenges for the industry are plain tosee with all the component rates being marked down, some significantly so. The larger ships are experiencing the heaviest falls which continues the trend of recent weeks. Notably the 4250 TEUs dropping 6% (basis 12 months employment) over the week and the 6500 TEUs falling by an even larger 6.9%.




(20.3.2020) After another Week-on-Week decline across all segments, the new ConTex is back to levels of 12 months ago. While some feeder sizes were even down on Year-on-Year figures, all sizes above 2,700 TEU are still up on 2019 numbers. Regardless of this development, there was plenty of extension activity overall in different areas this week.

In the feeder sizes, demand for 1,700 TEU vessels is picking up in Asia and there is less spot tonnage around, while eco Bangkokmaxes are almost sold out for the time being. Asia is busy with feeders because of port congestions as the side effect of the travel restrictions implemented in some of the Asian countries such as China, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Nevertheless, the situation in the Far East is normalising by the week, while there is some uncertainty rising in the western Hemisphere. There are numerous port across the Continent and Mediterranean area, which have imposed restrictions on vessels calling said ports.

(21.2.2020) The Coronavirus problem may be "contained" for now but the effect it is having on the Container Market cannot be ignored. Volumes are clearly down and the operators are having to make significant adjustments. A number of sailings have been cancelled and land transport together with the backing-up of containers in the ports are causing major logistical headaches. No doubt when the crisis
fades away there will presumably quite a sharp recovery but, for now, the market is proving quite a challenge to many.

The previously announced changes to the composition of the New ConTex Index have now taken effect: 5700 and 6500 TEU ships are now included, charter periods of 6 months are additionally monitored for 1100 and 1700 TEU ships whilst the 2500, 2700, 3500 and 4250 TEUs are all now being assessed additionally for 12 months terms.

It comes as little surprise to note the New ConTex Index falling 7 points since last week, the Index now stands at 408. All the component rates have been marked lower this week with the exception of the 5700 TEUs which recorded a modest 0.2% increase. The largest decreases were recorded in the 3500-4250 TEU range, particularly so with the 4250 TEUs based on 24 months employment which registered a hefty 3.5% fall, symptomatic of the uncertainty in the market at the moment.