Press releases

Fixing activity shrunk a bit but charter rate levels remaining stable. New ConTex at 730points. 

#shipbrokerAF #keepshippingweird

(17.02.2023) New ConTex 733 points. Good news for the smaller feedervessels, 1100 teu (6mos) 11.865 USD/d (+1%)........


(10.2.2023) New ConTex at 735 points (+0,7%). Good start. See you in Lübeck tonight at the Shipbrokers´ Dinner!

(13.01.2023) Happy New Year, the ConTex is back. #keepshippingweird

(22.12.2022) The party seems to be over......

(28.10.2022) New ConTex at 974 points. The general feeling is that the market for the bigger segments above 2000 TEU is finally bottoming out......

(16.09.2022)  Have a wonderful weekend. And: Remember, remember the 4th of November 2022 – the date of the next EISBEINDINNER.

Remember, remember the 4th of November 2022!!!

See you at the EISBEIN.... Spread the news!


(8.9.2022) Unfortunately, there was an error in the data collection for the class "5.700 TEU" on August 30, which we need to correct. The correct figure is: 116.601 USD, not 124.490 USD as published in the report.

We apologize for any inconvenience. The index itself is not affected by this.

(01.07.2022) New ConTex 3.327 points...... #keepshippingweird