(17.09.2021) 3.149 points - #keepshipping weird!

(27.8.2021) Freight rates also still remain at record levels and the liner companies continue to produce so far unseen profit figures. It is therefore still a very enjoyable ride for Charterers and Owners, but the ever increasing order book is surely raising some concerns.

(4. Juni2021) #keepshippingweird

(21.5.2021) 1.402 points..... and hardly any ships to find!


1.350 points.....!

(16.04.2021) 1.178 points!!!! The positive development remains unbroken......



(9.4.2021) The market is still booming: with a continued rise in charter rates supported by a string demand and a very limited number of vessels available on a prompt basis.

We are now reaching the 200 pct increase on year on year basis and every New ConTex  is setting new record valuations.



(05.03.2021) Keep it weird...... 888 points!

(19.2.2021) #shipbrokersdoitbetter #keepshippingweird
842 points!!!!! And no end in sight!!!!

(5.2.2021) #shipbrokersdoitbetter #keepshippingweird
796 points!!!! For the first time since August 2008!!!!!!!