(29.04.2022) Reasons for the continued downward trend are still all the uncertainties in the market, mainly caused by the lockdowns in China as well as the war in Eastern Europe. Furthermore the congestion in major ports is getting worse and with lockdown measures not yet lifted, charterers are hesitating to make decisions for long term commitments.

(18.3.2022) 3.577 points....... Overall charter rates have reached a plateau again.......


(21.01.2022) #keepshippingweird!

(5.11.2021) And do not forget: "As there is still active demand for tonnage in the market, we do agree that this downturn - which may continue a few weeks - is merely an adjustment of the previously overheated market...." See you next year in Hamburg at the EISBEIN 2022....... #keepshippingweird


(15.10.2021) Higher and higher.... #keepshippingweird

(8.10.2021) 3.230 points.... Say: Hell Yeah!!! #keepshippingweird


(17.09.2021) 3.149 points - #keepshipping weird!

(27.8.2021) Freight rates also still remain at record levels and the liner companies continue to produce so far unseen profit figures. It is therefore still a very enjoyable ride for Charterers and Owners, but the ever increasing order book is surely raising some concerns.

(4. Juni2021) #keepshippingweird

(21.5.2021) 1.402 points..... and hardly any ships to find!