(07.09.2018) In general the Charter Market continues to be quite active with tonnage available getting more balanced. The business however being of a short term nature, with carriers unwilling to commit for longer periods.

Following this the New ConTex lost further ground by marginally four points down to 488 now.

The rates in the segment 2500-4250 teu basis 12 month however have not moved from last week. There has even been a slight increase in rates in the 4250 segment even if it is just 0,3 per cent. Also basis 24 month the losses were just in the region of 0,2 to 0,5 per cent. 

There was a slightly higher pressure on the rates in the 1100 teu 1700 teu sizes with losses  of 1,2 respectively 0,9 per cent.It remains to be seen if there will be a stronger demand for these sizes during the coming weeks.

(10.08.2018) The New ConTex dropped a further 6 points this week – continuing its slump during the summer months. It is now 5.3% down month-on-month, although still a healthy 32.7% better off year-on-year.

1100s have suffered the biggest losses, falling 9.3% in the last month. This has been reflective in the market, with Charterers taking advantage of the number of vessels available and the limited demand. Recent fixtures in Europe for this size have dropped below the $7000 mark.

1700s dropped 0.9% during the last week. There have been a few fixtures in this size reported over the last week, but these have shown a similar decline. There is a slight build in some region and it would not be a surprise to see rates fall further as Owners seek employment. 2500, 2700 & 3500 sizes also decreased between 1.3% and 1.8% respectively.

4250s decreased 1.4% in the last week, however there seems to be a good level of demand and activity in this segment and rates could remain steady or potentially firm up over the next few weeks if the demand continues, with the caveat that the excess capacity in post-panamax sizes may put downward cascade pressure on 4520s.

(6.8.2018) The New ConTex reflects another weaker week in the summer slack season with a decrease of the Index through all sizes.

The smaller segments still facing problems in securing new business, which obviously is leading to a weaker market. Lead by the 2700's down by 2,2 %, followed by the 2500's and 1100's down by 2,1%. This is due to low demand and activity, which obviously puts Charterer's in a favourable position to try to set new benchmarks.

The 1700's are at least a bit more steady with only losing 0,9% week-on-week, which is a result of only a smaller amount of available ships. The activity within the 3500 Teu segment is very low, which is no surprise in view of limited availability. As a result the New ConTex is showing only a slight decrease down by 1,2%.

Like in the previous weeks we noticed a higher activity within the Panamax segment. The rate gap between the fixtures is wider though, which is a result of certain difficult positions and some vessel's being under pressure to do something. As a consequence the New ConTex for this segment is down by 1,5%, but looking forward this might change again soon as the number of requirements seem to be increasing.

(27.07.2018) The New ConTex index decreased -4 ponits (-0.8%) last week. Following the good demand conditions, the index was on the rise since Q1-2017 and peaked on 26 June 2018 at 536 points. Afterwards, the New ConTex started to decrease with the beginning of the quiet summer months, but also in tandem with an escalating trade conflict between USA and China and decreasing economic sentiment indicators for the Euro Area and advanced economies. Month-to-Month, the index decreased by 3.4% from its peak end June. Regarding a longer perspective, the index is still strong and increased 36.6% Year-on-Year (from 380 points on 25th July 2017).

The 1100 TEU segment saw the strongest decrease last week with -1.9% (-$155). Month-on-Month numbers also show that it have been especially the Feeder segments that came under pressure. The 1100 TEU and the 1700 TEU segment decreased around -4.4% since 26th June 2018. It is also the 1100 TEU segment that saw the "slightest" increase Year-on-Year (27.7% since 25 July 2017).

These numbers are supported by the current idle statistic. Since June 2018, the number of total idle container vessels increased from 85 to 122. The strongest increase could also be followed for the Feeder segments. A fresh wind for the market can be expected as the first autumn requirements arrive.

(02.07.2018) The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) has published ELBA today, a web portal that Port Users enables to submit the obligatory declaration of the use of the port online to the Fee’s office in charge of inland shipping (EBHS).

ELBA can be used by smartphone, tablet or personal computer. You don´t need a separate APP. To get access in the new web portal you first need an account. Therefore you have to register once. After registration you can log in and report immediately the required details in only a few steps.

In addition the HPA has implemented a fully automated billing process in ELBA. This is called “self-service”. With using this feature you can benefit from the extension of the time period of payment to 30 days.

Please note:

Before your first report you have to enter following data once for each ship / invoice recipient


ENI (European Number of identification)

Dimensions (length, wide, draft)

Performance of main engine(s)

Tonnage capacity (cargo ships) or PAX (passenger ships)

Upload Documents (i.e. official inland shipping tonnage certificate, Community inland shipping  certificate)

Billing Details

Entire name of the recipient

Entire Address

Tax ID number

Valid E-Mail address for electronic invoicing

In order to get a correct invoice it is necessary to check the entered parameters. For that purpose we need copies of suitable documents (i.e. official inland shipping tonnage certificate, Community inland shipping  certificate). These documents can be submitted via ELBA (upload) or via sending an E-mail to EBHS.

Please use following link to get further information and access ELBA

(15.06.2018) The container charter market has taken a little breather during the last week, we still try to find out if the post Posidonia blues is still taking its toll, but the majority of people should have recovered. Although is was a quieter week in numbers of transactions concluded, the momentum within the majority of segments is still good. In short, it is quieter but firm. With the overall relatively limited supply of available tonnage within the most segments, gains can be registered in all New ConTex segments of the sizes 2500 TEU and larger. Although we monitor a relatively homogenous increase, the biggest winner this week is the 4250 TEU segment increased by 1,0% closing at USD 14.194 followed by the 3500 gaining 0,6% week on week. With the so far still prevailing positive sentiment we do believe to experience a further solid market.

(08.06.2018) Im April 2018 wurden von Deutschland Waren im Wert von 110,3 Milliarden Euro exportiert und Waren im Wert von 89,9 Milliarden Euro importiert. Wie das Statistische Bundesamt (Destatis) anhand vorläufiger Ergebnisse weiter mitteilt, waren damit die deutschen Exporte im April 2018 um 9,3 % und die Importe um 8,2 % höher als im April 2017. Kalender- und saisonbereinigt nahmen die Exporte gegenüber dem Vormonat März 2018 um 0,3 % ab, während die Importe um 2,2 % stiegen.

(09.05.2018) In quiet trading conditions (with so many public holidays around the Globe) the New ConTex Index managed a two point rise to stand at 509.

Apart from some slight weakness in the smaller feeders (1100 TEUs and 1700 TEUs) all the other sizes tracked by the Index posted gains: the classical 4250 TEU panamaxes powered ahead, making a further 1.4% since last week (basis 12 months). The 3500 TEUs were not far behind, gaining 1.2% since last week (basis both 12 and 24 months). The other ship sizes were marked up generally between 0.4 and 1.0% since last week.

With further public holidays this week trading conditions are likely to be calm, with hopefully a return to full speed ahead next week.

(13.4.2018) The New ConTex index increased to 495 (+8) points during last week. Across all segments, the New ConTex increased for another week. The last slight decline was observed for 2,700 teu over 12 months in late February.

Currently, the New ConTex is at its highest standing since August 2015 with an increase of over 100 points Year-on-Year. Moreover, Y-o-Y figures are up as much as 30.2% (1,100 teu), with only the 4,250 teu segment in the single-digit growth numbers for 12 and 24 months respectively. All segments have moved up between 1.3% and 2.3% week-on-week, with the largest increase observed in the 2,700 teu segment for a 12-months period. All figures have also moved up Month-on-Month at least 7.4%, with the 2,700 teu segment improving as much as 13.3%.

Strong fixing activity over the last weeks has led to a decreased idle fleet of less than 100 vessels promptly available. Recent vessels contracted were employed for periods between six and twelve months, indicating a healthy supply/ demand balance currently in the charter market.

(06.04.2018) The New ConTex continued its upward movement. This week, it rose by 9 points to 487 and resulted in the highest quotation since August 2015. All segments registered rate increases between 0.5 and 3.7%.

The biggest jump in rates over the past week has been seen in the panamax segment. The rates of 3,500 TEU vessels increased 3.7% to USD 11,861 per day over a period of 24 months, whilst the 2,700 TEUs class as well as the 1,100 TEUs class gained 2,7 percentage points which correpsonds to a rate of USD10,782 and USD8,343 over a period of 12 months. The 2,500 TEU segment attained rather marginal gains.

Activity will most likely stay firm during the coming weeks. Tonnage for most vessel types remains popular and we currently do not see any market deterioration.