(07.06.2024) Congestion in the ports of Rotterdam, Dubai and Singapore..... New ConTex at 1.061 points....! #NoShippingNoShopping

(26.04.2024) Index at 797 points..... #NoShippingNoShopping

(10.12.2023) New class to the New ConTex added: 1,800 TEU modern!!!!

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(17.2.2017) The ConTex Index increased again this week – this time by two points bringing it to 305. This week the largest gain was made by the 3500 sector (12 months) which  increased 1.8% week-on week, reflecting the tightening availability of this size in the market. This increase was closely followed by the 2500 sector (12 months) which increased by USD 100, a 1.7% increase week-on-week. There was also further improvement in the 4250 sector on both the 12 and 24 month periods, highlighting Owners resistance to continue fixing at historically low rates. Bar the 1700 (12 months) which dropped 0.1%, all sectors increased by between 0.3 – 1.8%, giving some indication that the market might improve post-Chinese New Year. With the restructuring of the alliances also happening, one expects activity to increase in the coming weeks and months.

The MSC agreed that while there should be no delay in the implementation of the SOLAS requirements, it would be beneficial if Administrations and port State control authorities could take a “practical and pragmatic approach” when enforcing them, for a period of three months immediately following 1 July 2016. This would help ensure that containers that are loaded before 1 July 2016, but transhipped on or after 1 July 2016, reach their final port of discharge without a verified gross mass and it would provide flexibility, for three months immediately after 1 July 2016, to all the stakeholders in containerized transport to refine, if necessary, procedures (e.g. updated software) for documenting, communicating and sharing electronic verified gross mass data.

Notwithstanding the above, the MSC emphasized that the stability and safe operation of ships, including the safe packing, handling and transport of containers, is not limited to the provision and use of VGM information and is also covered by a number of SOLAS regulations, including SOLAS regulations VI/2.1, VI/2.2 and VI/2.3, and other IMO instruments, amongst others.

MSC.1/Circ.1548 will shortly be available to download from the IMO website: 

(20.5.16) The New ConTex continues its current trend, with very few changes compared to last weeks, mostly displaying a slight downward tendency. Looking at the different segments, the sizes around 3500 and 4250 TEU remain the most under pressure.

In the meantime, the smaller sizes, especially around 1100 and 1700 TEU, benefit from premiums of around USD 1000 for Mediterranean or Caribbean trading, compared to fixtures in Asia. Compared to last month, this segment even shows a slight increase, reaching respectively USD 7315 and USD 7475.

All in all, it has been rather stable for a few weeks, having reached a level on the daily charter rates. The outlook for the remaining year could be gloomy for the bigger sizes, as they must prepare to see neo Panamax tonnage entering the market, following the opening of the new Panama Canal locks.

(14.8.15) The main characteristics of the second week of August was limited fixing activity and therefore the negative development of this summer season continues. The New ConTex Index declined this week by 8 points (-1,6%) and closed at 488 points, a level we last saw in March 2015. While on a long-term trend there is still hope for a good finish of this year, the index gains of spring slowly but steadily fades away in all segments. Apart from the 12 months 1100 TEU evaluation which remained stable this week, nearly all other segments continued their downward trend. Within this week the biggest decrease has been noticed in the 3500 TEU group basis the 12-month evaluation with a loss of -2,8% (-$344). Compared to other segments the 4250 TEU group proceeds its steady trend, apart from a minor drop of around -1% this week.



(07.08.15) The New ConTex index shed a further 7 points over the week, passing throughwhat some may view as a "psychological barrier" of 500 and now stands at 496.However the developments during this week have not been entirelydisappointing with a rally apparent in the 3500 TEU sector; basis 12 months'employment this sector was marked up a healthy 1.3% compared to last week.And it would also be fair to point out that the 4250 TEU panamax sector isholding up well compared to many others.However, for Owners of the smaller geared ships and 2700-2800 TEU gearlessships, there is no escaping the fact that the gains made up until only ashort while ago are being steadily eroded with week-on-week percentage lossesin the 2s.