Shipping and chartering manager

Shipping and chartering managers organise the transport of goods of all kinds by sea. They work in companies operating scheduled liner trades or tramp trades or in ship brokerages. Shipping and chartering managers maintain international contacts with customers, suppliers, ship´s personnel and all the other servive providers in the maritime transport and port industries. They take also care of all tasks associated with equipping, operation and deploying ocean-going vessels.

Duration of traineeship is 3 years. The venues for training are company and part-time vocational school (Berufsschule). Training takes place in one of the following areas liner trades or tramp trades.

Shipping and chartering managers in line trades
 - inform customers on schedules and freight rates,
 - book break bulk cargoes and containers,
 - make arrangements for internationa transport of containers,
 - organise the pre- and post-carriage of goods and containers.

Shipping and chartering managers in the tramp trades
 - procure cargoes for ocean-going vessels and ocean-going vessels for cargoes,
 - arrange and conclude voyage and time charter contracts,
- plan the transport of project shipments.